Havana Architecture

With an eclectic architecture Havana is wonder that will surprise the traveler. Art Deco, Neo colonial, baroque, Art novo, Spanish Moorish, all styles are here, along and combined. Havana will make you forget the time.

Culture and Religion

African came to Cuba to mix with the Europeans (Spanish, French and from many other places) and Chinese, giving as a result what the wise Fernando Ortiz called "the cultural ajiaco". So is Cuban music, with the combined flavor of Africa and Spain.

History and Heritage

The capital of Cuba is indeed worthy heir of the traditions and the spirit of the Cuban people. Popular destinations and some hidden jewels are protagonist of a rich history and some of the most outstanding moments of this country.

Art Deco Tour

Art Deco

Art Deco Tour, see the print of these movement in Havana with a tour guide to show you the top city building.

Mob Tour

Mob Tour

Know the history of the italic American mafia in Cuba. The history of the casinos and the action of this organization.

General Tour

General Habana Tour

Old Habana, Centro Habana and Vedado make downtown Havana. This general tour will show you the most interesting.

Eco Tour

eco tour

A one day tour, starting from Havana to Viñales, with some extra worthy destinations on the way. A perfect oportunity to see one of the most beautiful nature art work in Cuba.

Tailor Made Tour

Tailor Made Tour

Get what you want, you just point your goals and we make the perfect tour for you. Havana is big and rich in culture and history, dont miss your Havana.

Religion Tour

Religion Tour

Religion is very important for Cubans, going from the catholic influence to the African Religions, 4 alive these days. Muslims and Hebrew are also present in this multicultural land.

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Havana Tours

We offer different kind of tours in Havana in a classic car "Almendrón". Every day at 10:00 AM you can experience Havana in a different way with historical references by a local guide that will show you the city.

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